Boarding Information

We reserve the right not to board a dog that we cannot take care of.

We also do not board large dogs such as Rottweilers , Pit Bulls or any dog over 85 lbs.

What you see on this website is exactly what you will see when you come here. We prefer you bring your dog in advance. I can see your dog, you can see Our Dog Inn an added plus your dog will be familiar since he has already been here and will not have anxiety when you drop him off and leave him because he knows you will come back for him.

You must bring your own dog food as all dogs are on different food and diets.

There are other dogs here most of the time. We treat all dogs the same including your dog. They are very smart and can see if other dogs get more attention or treats and it causes jealousy and can cause problems.

All dogs get fed at the same time and also get treats at the same time. My Australian Shepherds are used to this when we have boarders.

We have 2 acres ample room for dogs to run and play.  We supervise them outside. Miami is hot we don't allow the dogs to be out too long they want to come in to the air conditioning.

They will sleep in a couple of rooms in my home that have a Flat screen TV, leather couches, hammock beds and quilts.

We would like to have copies of your Veterinarian records for immunizations.  

All dogs must have collars and ID tags

We only accept dogs that are potty trained

Our dogs are protected for fleas and ticks

I have 2 Australian Shepherds 

Jeter is the Manager here

Tara must be respected she is the oldest

Most of the time Sophie will be here but she has her owners.

Files coming soon.